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Our Studio
Our Studio will now be located at 967 Lifestyle ST.
in the Bass Pro /JC Pennys shopping center.

Both of our spacious studios have marley flooring, full length 
mirrors and portable barres. Both new classs rooms will be upgraded as the new location is 1000 sq ft larger
 Studio 1 holds mainly our lower school classes. Here our
dancers will find all sorts of wands and wings to help them
glide across the floor! There's 2-way mirror into our waiting 
area, so moms are welcome to watch their ballerina from there, without her being able to see you!

Our Studio
 Studio 2 is where the intermediate and advance dancers learn French vocabulary and continue their journey to achieve all they can including Advanced Pointe and  as well as contemporary  and compulsory techniques from the Cecchetti  method

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