1 Class per week -      $55.00 per month

2 Classes per week -  $90.00 per month 

3 Classes per week -  $120.00 per month

4 Classes per week -  $150.00 per month

5 Classes per week -  $170.00 per month

6 Classes per week -  $190.00 per month 


Each additional class after the 6th class is $20.00 per month 


Individual Classes:

$18.00 for each 1 hour class

$22.00 for classes over 1 hour



Family Rates:

Family rates are discounted and are based on number of classes per week.



Registration Fee:

An annual registration fee of $25.00 per student or $45.00 per family is due upon registration for classes. 


Production Fee: $35.00 per family, per production 



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