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Studio Etiquette

Be On Time: Dancers must be on time for their class. Arriving late is disruptive to the overall flow of the class, other students and the teacher.


Good Attendance: Regular attendance is vital to student progress and group choreography.  Attendance is necessary if a student wants to show improvement. Absences and tardiness can hold back the entire class. You MUST call if you are going to be late or absent from class.


Be Neat: Keep your hair pulled back off your face and neck and firmly secured. Hair flying about can be distracting, get in the eyes and cause problems with spotting freely during pirouettes. 


Be Clean: Being respectful to others means wearing clean tights and leotards to each class. Leotards and tights should be washed between classes. Attend to your personal hygiene. Shower and use antiperspirant or deodorant (keep some in your dance bag) before coming to class. 


Dress Like a Dancer: Follow the dress code. The dress code allows the teacher to see your physical movement and make the proper corrections. You will feel more confident and dance better when properly dressed for class.




Our Manners: Dancers are polite ladies and gentlemen. They should not lean against the wall, barre. Sitting down unless directed to do so is not acceptable. Yawning, talking, whispering, or having private giggle sessions with friends is considered rude behavior.


Personal Items: Place dance bags on the designated shelves in the studios and waiting areas. Please do not leave bags or shoes on the floor. Cell phones must remain in dance bags during class. 


Drinking Water During Class: It is good to drink water before and after class ends. If the teacher allows, or if it’s an appropriate time in class, students may get a drink. Water bottles must be in the classroom prior to class beginning. 


Permission to Leave Class: Dancers should always ask permission to leave the studio while class is in progress.  Always try to speak with the teacher before class if you need to leave early. Dancers may not leave the classroom to find a water bottle, or check their cell phones. 


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